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EDPL 4/2023 Out Now

EDPL 4/2023 – The Future of Privacy


The latest issue of the European Data Protection Law Review (EDPL) is now available! We end 2023, and celebrate the 5-year anniversary of the GDPR, with the second EDPL edition dedicated to outlining the future of privacy law. In this article section you can read reflections on: does the future hold more rights or more proportionality; playing whac-a-mole with injustices in data protection in 2033the future of EU data protection law for collectivestwo fictitious future CJEU decisions striking down CSAR and Interoperability Regulationsthe AI Act and facial recognition technologies in public spaces.

Beyond the borders of the EU, this issue’s opinion piece gives insights into privacy in China.

The reports section features interesting developments from:

Also in EDPL 4/2023:


Editor’s picks: